2017 Speakers


This year we've combined Enology and Viticulture topics into one great Winemaking track. Check the sessions labeled Winemaking below to find topics that will interest both Enology and Viticulture groups.



2018 WIVI Exhibit Hall Trials Tastings

Wine Business Monthly's editors believe that trials are the embodiment of a winemaker's pursuit of quality, and so we hand select over a dozen trials to feature at WIVI each year. The winemakers who conducted these trials will be onsite pouring their wines so you can walk around, taste the wines, connect with them personally, and provide feedback directly.

WiVi is always seeking your input about trials you'd like to see presented. Your suggestions can be either trials you are considering conducting or trials that you'd like to see from others.

Click below to submit your trial:

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Online Registration Is Now Closed. 2018 Information coming soon.

For questions contact info@wivicentralcoast.com.